Missouri Aquaculture Coordinating Council (MACC)

In 1981, a cooperative agreement between the Missouri Fish Farmer’s Association (MFFA) – now MoAA, Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA) was signed to create the Missouri Aquaculture Advisory Council (MAAC). MAAC was assigned the responsibility to develop an aquaculture plan for the state of Missouri. The plan, “Aquaculture in Missouri: A Perspective and Plan” documented the needs of the industry and presents a listing of the respective roles of the Missouri Department of Conservation, the University of Missouri-Columbia, Missouri Department of Agriculture,and the Missouri Fish Farmers Association.

In 1994, MFFA, MDA, and MDC realized the 1981 plan was out of date and MAAC was not accomplishing its purpose. MDA Director, John Saunders, and MDC Director, Jerry Presley, addressed the problem by forming the Missouri Aquaculture Task Force. The Task Force provided recommendations to the Directors which was the formation of the Missouri Aquaculture Coordinating Council (MACC). MACC is responsible for developing a strategic plan for aquaculture in Missouri and coordinating aquaculture interests and development in Missouri.

MACC operates under a Memorandum of Understanding between the Missouri Aquaculture Association, the University of Missouri-Columbia, Lincoln University, and the Missouri Departments of Agriculture, Conservation, Natural Resources, and Economic Development. One representative each from the Missouri Senate and House of Representatives are also part of the Council.

  • MACC Role
  • Representatives / Agency
  • Co-chair
  • Missouri Department of Agriculture Director
  • Co-chair
  • Missouri Department of Conservation Director
  • Secretary
  • Missouri Department of Agriculture
  • Lincoln University
  • Missouri Department of Economic Development
  • Missouri Department of Natural Resources
  • University of Missouri-Columbia
  • MoAA President
  • MoAA President-Elect
  • Alternate
  • MoAA Treasurer
  • Alternate
  • MoAA Secretary