Missouri Aquaculture Publications

Below are several publications specific to Missouri. The first two are intended for general use. The remainder are likely of interest to producers only. In addition to the documents below, a list of publications on species and systems of interest in Missouri has been compiled.

The Missouri Aquaculture Directory lists MoAA member businesses in a number of categories including fish producers, fish processors, fee fishing operators, feed and equipment suppliers, and consultants. It also includes information on Missouri aquaculture organizations that support aquaculture within the state.

The purpose of the 1981 Aquaculture in Missouri: A Perspective and Plan was “to provide guidance for the orderly development of aquaculture, and to provide recommendations which will enhance and insure a healthy, growing industry. The plan is intended to serve as a coordinating document, information source, and a guideline for agencies, institutions, and private industry.”

The Report Regarding the Recommendations of the Aquaculture Task Force was produced by the Missouri Task Force on Aquaculture which was created by the directors of the Departments of Agriculture and Conservation in 1995. The report contains five recommendations to promote the growth of aquaculture in Missouri.

The 1998 Missouri Aquaculture Plan was developed by the Missouri Aquaculture Coordinating Council and was put forward as “A strategic plan for advancing an economically sound and environmentally sensitive aquaculture industry in Missouri.”

During the Missouri Fish and Seafood Consumer Study, Missouri consumers answered 1,050 questionnaires in grocery stores and responded to 400 telephone surveys about their preferences and demands for seafood and fish products. The grocery store surveys were done during late 1997 and early 1998 in Columbia, St. Louis, Kansas City, and Springfield. The Missouri Agricultural Statistics Service (MASS) was consulted to develop valid study methods while the telephone surveys were conducted by Doane Marketing Research, Inc. The results of the surveys pointed out important factors in developing marketing and industry directions. It is available in full as a 1.2 MB black and white document or as an 82 K abbreviated color version.